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  • Triller $4 bn merger to take on TikTok, Casa Shares introduces stock market for real estate

Triller $4 bn merger to take on TikTok, Casa Shares introduces stock market for real estate

Your weekly Venture Capital recap is here!

Quick News

  • Triller and AGBA are planning a $4 bn merger with the TikTok ban fuelling valuations. Triller has set their valuation at $3.2 bn despite only generating $34 m in revenue. Last time TikTok was banned in a country was in 2020, where Triller saw their user count increase from 1 m to 30 m after the ban. Read Chris Erwin’s LinkedIn post for more.

  • South Korea: As GDP growth starts to stagnate, a $471 bn semiconductor production city is being built south of Seoul with investments from Samsung ($220 bn) and chipmaker SK Hynix ($91 bn) to revitalize the Asian country’s economy. Read more on FT.

State of Venture Capital

2023 vs 2024 worldwide investment amount January - April (running count)

1 Country 1 Investment

Each week we randomly generate 1 country and highlight 1 recent VC deal.

This week’s country is: This week’s country is: Estonia

Population: 1.349 m
GDP: $38.1 bn (2022)
GDP Per Capita: $28,250 (2022)

Supersimple - $2.20 m Seed: Platform designed to help humans understand data. The company places itself as an AI agent looking to emulate the role of a data analyst building charts and queries. The round saw investment participation from Specialist VC and other undisclosed investors. The funds intend to be used for customer growth and strengthening data search algorithms.

Investments from Around The World


Casa Shares (USA) - $1.5 m: Stock market for real estate

Platform designed for investors to build a diversified real estate portfolio. The company enables investors to purchase fractional shares of investment properties, lowering the barrier to entry for real estate investing. At an $8.5 m valuation, Casa Shares raised $1.5 m from undisclosed investors. Find their first listing at $10/share.


Clueso (USA) - $1.3 m: Videos transformed into interactive demos

AI tool intended to create content for SaaS application. The company automatically transforms simple screen recordings into interactive product tours allowing companies to easily create tutorials, documentation, sales material and employee training. Clueso raised $1.4 m from F7 Ventures, Shift Left Ventures and Y Combinator.

Series A

Framework (USA) - $17 m: Planet-friendly laptops

Developer of a line of lightweight laptops designed to be planet-friendly and customizable. The company’s laptops are thin, lightweight and performance laptops designed to be upgraded, customized and repaired without technicians. The company raised $17m from Spark Capital, Cooler Master, Pathbreaker Ventures, Buckley Ventures and Anzu Partners.


Sublime Security (USA/UK) - $38 m: End to email phishing

Email security platform designed to react, write and run custom detection and responses to intercept phishing attacks. The platform utilizes open source rules to detect contact impersonation, homoglyph attacks, business email compromise and more. Sublime Security raised $20 m from Index Ventures, Slow Ventures, Decibel Partners and Dmitri Alperovitch.

Series B

Haomo.ai (China) - $41.54 m: The race towards autonomous driving

Developer of autonomous driving AI designed for revolutionizing the logistics industry. Haomo develops technologies like Navigation On Highwaypilot and Lidar paired with AI to offer an autonomous driving option for logistics travelling. The company raised an additional $41.54 m on top of their Series B1 with investment from Jiuzhi Capital, Huzhuo Changxing and Chengdu Wuhou Technology Innovation.

Series C 

Oclean (China) - $13.84 m: Toothbrushes using AI

Provider of smart toothbrushes designed with different brushing settings and AI-enabled vocal instructions. Oclean provides fast and accurate toothbrushes that are 30% smaller than traditional electric brushes. The company raised $13.84 m from Hangji High-tech Zone Industrial Fund to grow R&D, build a production center and open overseas operation centers.

Series D

RayGen (Australia) - $33.2m: Helping companies spend less

Provider of on-demand low-cost solar electricity and heat. RayGen’s plants serve the needs of customers and grid operators through the world’s largest long duration energy storage (LDES) project. The company raised $33.2 m from Schlumberger, Breakthrough Victoria and other undisclosed investors.

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