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Gooten - $11m Series A to sell your merch

❓️ What is Gooten?

Gooten is a fulfillment service that allows you to sell your own designs on 250+ products. Gooten sets itself apart through its smart supply chain; bringing global shipping to just 3.8 days. In comparison, AliExpress Standard Shipping takes 15 to 45 days.

🤹 Who are the founders?

  1. Micah Smith (Co-Founder ex-CTO): Currently "Chief Does Cool Shit Officer" at Ignite Tournaments. (Seems like a fun role)

  2. Austen Bernstein (Co-Founder ex-CEO): Currently founding partner at New Story Capital and Managing Partner at BLDR Group

  3. Nick Anderson (Co-Founder): N/A

  4. Brian Rainey (Not a founder but current CEO): ex-CFO at Print.io

💰️ More about the funding round:

Gooten closes its Series A with $11 million in funding in a round led by KEC Ventures. The fundraising also saw participation from Tech Pioneers Fund and INX International.

Since founding of the company in 2012, Gooten's total funding is $35.5 million.

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