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  • Emovid raises $2.75m to make video messaging the new norm for businesses, $200m to make business insights simple with Sigma

Emovid raises $2.75m to make video messaging the new norm for businesses, $200m to make business insights simple with Sigma

Your weekly Venture Capital recap is here!

State of Venture Capital

2023 vs 2024 worldwide investment amount January - May (running count)

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Each week we randomly generate 1 country and highlight 1 recent VC deal.

This week’s country is: Singapore

SWAT Mobility - $10.22 m Later Stage VC: Vehicle-routing technology to address complex transportation challenges. Its AI algorithm optimizes route planning with multiple waypoints for large-scale transportation, enhancing transport efficiency through pooling and route optimization. This technology serves companies, transport operators, and government agencies, meeting their transport and logistics needs. The company raised $10.22 million in venture funding from Goldbell Investments, Chubu Electric Power, and Nippon Express, with a pre-money valuation of $37.33 million. NX Global and other investors also participated.

Investments from Around The World


Emovid (USA) - $2.75m: Instant video messaging for businesses

The platform enables users to create and share professional video messages quickly, promoting interactive video conversations over long emails. Emovid secured $2.75 million through a mix of Primary Seed and Shadow Seed funding from undisclosed investors, resulting in a pre-money valuation of $90 million. Originally, $2 million of this funding was raised as convertible debt, which was later converted into equity.


Midsummer Studios (USA) - $6m: Next-gen video games

Development studio focused on creating next-generation life simulation games. The company emphasizes player-driven narratives, enabling communities to share memorable moments and create meaningful stories through play. The company raised $6 million in seed funding, led by Transcend Fund, with participation from Krafton and five other investors, resulting in a pre-money valuation of $16 million.

Series A

Caeli Wind (Germany) - $11.8m: Plug & play wind turbines

Online platform to simplify identifying, analyzing, and planning wind turbines. The platform aggregates data and connects key players, aiding landowners and planners in finding potential locations in Germany and consolidating data for decision-making. This helps wind farm operators advance energy transition while reducing planning costs and effort. The company raised €11 million from High-Tech Gründerfonds, Notion Capital, and Santander Asset Management. The funds will support international expansion and enhance the company's value chain and technologies.


Data Zoo (Australia) - $35m: Identity verification technology

Developper of an identity verification platform for online KYC and AML processes. Its API verifies individuals' details against multiple reliable databases for digital onboarding, student screening, blockchain verification, and fraud detection, helping clients intercept fraud and criminal activities instantly. Data Zoo raised $35 million in Series A funding from Ellerston Capital.

Series B

Hebbia (USA) - $93m: AI agents for serious work

Developer of user interfaces to enhance the use of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Its co-pilot for knowledge work is used by finance, law, government, and pharmaceutical companies to tackle complex tasks by breaking them into understandable Large Language Model (LLM) actions. The product enables businesses to integrate full workflow automations with LLMs, extracting, structuring, and analyzing documents at scale. The company raised $93 million from undisclosed investors, with a pre-money valuation of $612 million.

Series C 

Gorgias (USA) - $28.5m: Multi-channel customer support

A developer of a multi-channel helpdesk platform for e-commerce businesses, designed to manage all customer support in one application. The platform uses machine learning and integrations to automatically suggest and solve support requests, and create templates and shortcuts for quick, polite responses. The company raised $28.52 million in funding led by SaaStr and Alven Capital Partners, with participation from Shopify, Horsley Bridge Partners, Amplify Partners, CRV, Sapphire Ventures, and others. The funds will enhance its AI tools, including Automate, to support e-commerce brands.

Series D

Sigma (USA) - $200m: Cloud data warehouse analytics

Cloud data warehouse analytics software for analyzing complex databases. Sigma’s software allows employees outside the data team to query data and gain insights using a spreadsheet-like interface without requiring coding or SQL knowledge. This enables clients to explore, analyze, and visualize data independently. Sigma raised $200 million in Series D funding led by Avenir Growth Capital and Spark Capital, with a pre-money valuation of $1.62 billion. Other investors included Snowflake Ventures, NewView Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, Altimeter Capital Management, D1 Capital Partners, and XN.

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