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  • ElevenLabs - Voice cloning for free through a $19m Series A

ElevenLabs - Voice cloning for free through a $19m Series A

What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs claims to be the most advanced text-to-speech AI voice cloning software ever. The AI is able to replicate voices in multiple language with extreme accuracy of intonation and inflections. This tool is used for storytelling, audiobooks and news articles.

More about the funding round:

ElevenLabs closes its Series A with $19 million lead by Nat Friedman (Ex-GitHub CEO), Daniel Gross (Pioneer Founder) and Andreesen Horowitz. The round was also joined by Creator Ventures, SV Angel, Mike Krieger (Instagram Co-Founder), Brendan Iribe (Oculus Co-Founder), Mustafa Suleyman (Deepmind Co-Founder), Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media Founder & CEO).

According to CEO Mati Staniszewski, funding is intended to be used for developping ElevanLab’s research arm for voice AI and release additional services that would serve gaming, entertainment, conversational and publish use cases.

According to a source from TechCrunch, the round puts the company’s valuation at $99 million.

More on ElevenLabs:

  • ElevenLabs released in beta back in January where it experienced fast growth thanks to its quality product and competitive free option.

  • The company was underfire as users from online message forum, 4chan, used the tool to recreate celebrity voices announcing hateful messages.

    • ElevenLabs introduced measures to help prevent this and increased moderation on the platform to ban users who violate the rules.