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  • Crossbow Therapeutics - The cure to cancer. $80m Series A

Crossbow Therapeutics - The cure to cancer. $80m Series A

❓️ What is Crossbow?

Crossbow is aiming to cure cancer via T-cell Mimetics. Their core product, T-Bolt, are molecules that strike tumor cells with unparalleled accuracy and potency. Crossbow is now looking to expand its technology to a much wider range of cancers by targeting all proteins.

🤹 Who are the founders?

  1. Geraldine Paulus (Co-Founder & VP of Corp Development and Operations): ex-Senior Associate at MPM BioImpact

  2. Todd Foley (Co-Founder): Current Managing Director at MPM BioImpact

  3. Patrick Baeuerle (Co-Founder): Current Executive Partner at MPM BioImpact

💰️ More about the funding round:

Crossbow raises its massive $80m Series A in around led by Pfizer Venture Investments and MPM Capital. The fundraising also saw participation from BVF Partners, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Eli Lilly and Polaris Partners.

“We aim to cure cancer,”

Briggs Morrison, CEO of Crossbow Therapeutics

💻️ Job openings:

Flow Cytometry operator - Immuno-Oncology (Boston)