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Cargobot - $6m Series A for digital freight solutions

❓️ What is Cargobot?

Cargobot is looking to implement digital solutions to the frieghting industry. To help shippers and carriers boost earnings and reduce disruptions, Cargobot proposed 3 services:

  1. Cargobot Direct: An online marketplace that forges direct relationships between inland shippers and carriers.

  2. Cargobot Pool: To help shippers and carriers move dry and refrigerated partial truckload freight more efficiently.

  3. Cargobot SaaS: A cloud-based digital platform for freight forwarders outside the US to unlock a complete inland frieght business solution.

💰️ More about the funding round:

Cargobot received $6m in funding for its Series A in a round led by partner investor Eugenio Torres from BPBI and, Total Management 2. Total funding to date is $13m.

The Miami-based company intends to use the funds for the following:

  1. Hiring talent: the Cargobot team is currently comprised of 80 people.

  2. Marketing

  3. Integrating with other tech companies: Cargobot aims to create partnerships with tech companies to integrate their services to provide a tool of more value.

  4. Global expansion: Cargobot intends to expand into Latin America (Colombia, Peru & Chile), the European market after that, followed by the Middle East.