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  • CalypsoAI - $23m Series A to help business use AI safely & securely

CalypsoAI - $23m Series A to help business use AI safely & securely

❓️ What is CalypsoAI?

CalypsoAI helps businesses use AI safely by acting as a moderator of Large Language Models (LLMs). The CalypsoAI Moderator prevents the following:

  1. Data Loss: Offers customizable content scanners to ensure confidential information included in a prompt never leaks.

  2. Malicious Code: Scans responses from LLMs for code written and prevents it from gaining access to business software systems.

  3. Jailbreaks: Idenfities and stops prompts that attempt to circumvent systematic and organization parameters for LLM activity.

  4. Hallucinations: Verifies and approves using in-house subject matter experts to ensure teams use information provided by LLMs with confidence.

💰️ More about the funding round:

CalypsoAI raises $23m in its Series A round led by Paladin Capital Group. The round also saw participation from Lockheed Martin Ventures, Hakluty Capital, Expeditions Fund, Susan Wojcicki (ex-Youtube CEO), Anne Wojcicki (23andMe co-founder). So far, CalypsoAI has raised $38.2 million.

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